Территория прогрессивных инноваций Территория прогрессивных инноваций Гнездо
    RU 2289244

    Inventor: Tyshkevich Evgenij Valentinovich (RU)

FIELD: high-voltage pulsed equipment for agricultural purposes, in particular, for weed plant controlling, removal of suckers, and electric stimulation of plant crops.

SUBSTANCE: piezoelectric plant stimulatordestructor has electric power source, control system, electrodes, piezoelectric element, drive, voltage limiting device, rectifier diode, electronic commutator, protective diode, starting member, and pulse generator. Voltage limiting device is connected with its input to first lead of piezoelectric element. Output of voltage limiting device is connected to anode of rectifier diode. Cathode of said diode is connected to input of electronic commutator, first output of accumulating capacitor, cathode of protective diode and input of starting member. Output of starting member is connected to input of electronic commutator. Output of electronic commutator is connected to input of pulse generator. Output of pulse generator is connected to first electrode. Second electrode is connected to anode of protective diode, second lead of accumulating capacitor and second lead of piezoelectric element.

EFFECT: provision for creating of energy independent piezoelectric plant stimulatordestructor with stable output electric characteristics, compact construction, light weight, increased efficiency and wider operational capabilities.

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