Территория прогрессивных инноваций Территория прогрессивных инноваций Гнездо
    RU 2302370

    Inventor: Tyshkevich Evgenij Valentinovich (RU)

FIELD: high voltage impulse equipment, possible use in chemical industry, agroindustrial complex, medicine for deodorization and disinfection, and also in air conditioning devices, cooling equipment, etc.

SUBSTANCE: ultrasound barrier ozonizer contains, serially connected, clock generator 11 and high voltage impulse generator 10, and also metallic electrodes 1 and 6, connected to outputs of high voltage impulse generator, divided by discharge space 2 and dielectric barrier 3. The ozonizer additionally contains ultrasound impulse generator 8, connected to output of clock generator 11 by its input, ultrasound resonator 5, connected by its outputs 4,7 to outputs of ultrasound impulse generator 8 and phase synchronization circuit 9, input of which is connected to controlling output of ultrasound impulse generator 8, while the output is connected to control input of high voltage impulse generator 10. Dielectric barrier 3 is situated on first metallic electrode 1 on the side of discharge space, while the ultrasound resonator 5 is located on second metallic electrode 6 on the outer side.

EFFECT: high productivity, stable output working characteristics, high efficiency and broad range of use.

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