Территория прогрессивных инноваций Территория прогрессивных инноваций Гнездо
    RU 2368960

    Inventor: Tyshkevich Evgenij Valentinovich (RU)

FIELD: electricity.

SUBSTANCE: invention is related to the field of electronics and may be used in design of electric musical instruments, which transform mechanical oscillations of strings into electric signals, in particular for installation in electric guitars, electric violins, electric grand pianos, etc. Electromagnet pickup comprises permanent magnets, soft magnetic cores, induction coils and active electronics. Besides the first flat soft magnetic core of rectangular shape is perpendicularly fixed on the second flat rectangular soft magnetic core in its middle part along the whole surface, at edges of which perpendicularly at one and the same distance from the first core on both sides there are cylindrical permanent magnets installed, on which inductivity coils are placed, being connected to electronic analog summator, providing for full electric isolation and optimal matching of loading characteristics of induction coils, moreover, height of the first core is equal to height of permanent magnets.

EFFECT: higher validity of useful sound signal transfer in wide range of frequencies, improved noise immunity, higher stability of working characteristics and simplified manufacturing.

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